Searching out the right free stock photos for your blog, website or e-commerce store can take a ton of time, just like editing and managing your photo portfolio. That effort and time investment is enough for any webmaster to contemplate giving up and seriously think about adopting a text-only website or blog. Happily, we’ve alleviated the hassle for you by highlighting practical strategies that can save you a lot of time and energy when searching and uploading photos to your blog or website:

– Set aside a session exclusively for searching free stock photos

Finding the right photo for your blog or website is a critical step towards achieving your online business objectives. Choosing a poor quality photo can negatively impact your business success, as they tend to piss off clients, and make them abandon your site for good. So dedicate quality time to scour the internet to unearth quality free stock photos. You can get free yet good quality photos from photography websites like Unsplash, Pixabay, and morguefile.

– Leverage phrases, topics and keywords in your texts to search out free stock photos for your online platform

When searching out free photos, ensure they reflect your brand. Frequently used phrases and keywords in your texts will yield the kind of photos that reflect your brand if you use them to search for images online.

– Organization from the onset is key to finding the right free stock photos for your website or blog

After you’ve gathered some photos, come up with photo folders according to the subject matter. For example, group nature photos in one folder, people photos in a separate folder and so on. Make a point to add a prefix to the name of the file just to know the source of the photo if you ever want to revisit it. Also, ensure to keep records of photo attribution so that when you’re uploading your photos on your blog or website, you have the information on hand.

– Cropping and resizing your free stock photos before downloading is advantageous

Most free stock photos found in photography websites tend to be larger than what you require for your blog or website. If the photography offers choices to download much smaller photos, the better. If they don’t, make a point to resize them. Utilize tools like PicNic to do that. You only need to add it to your Firefox browser, and you’re ready to use it.


Always keep in mind that anything new requires learning and mastering. It cannot happen instantly. The same applies to the process of searching out free stock photos for your website or blog. Save time and energy by consistently implementing the strategies above, and you’ll get better at it.